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Empty Seats: Filled

For Restaruant Owners and Managers like you, there's no worse feeling than looking out at an empty restaurant.

Let's Change That.

The VIP/Loyalty Club Marketing System

Built specifically for the unique needs of independent and small group restauranteurs.

The DINR Marketing System

Step 1: The Marketing Status Report

Honed through interviews with dozens of independent restauranteurs like you, The comprehensive review process will reveal an accurate picture of where you are, and where you can go with your restaurant. The Status Report will provide recommendations on how you can boost both revenue, and even more importantly, margin.

What is your current marketing strategy?
How's your Social?
What are they saying about you on Yelp?
What are your business and revenue goals?
How much business can you handle?

Step 2: The Kickstart

If you decide, based on the Status Report, that you would like us to help you implement the recommendations, we'll create a winning strategy with you to start filling your seats. Focus is essential in the critical first months. No long term commitments - this is a controlled three month pilot project to prove out the plan, and give you tools for long term success.

What Promotions will drive enrollment?
What Days or Day-Parts need help?
What Menu Items offer the best margins, and are the best to promote?

Step 3: Long Term Success through Automation

By month four, your DINR program has hit it's stride. Far from 'Maintenance Mode', we'll work continuously with you to ensure the long term success of your restaurant. Cheers!

Every Quarter, we'll schedule a comprehensive Marketing Meeting and Strategy Session, to assess your progress, and plan for the coming quarter.
Hundreds to Thousands of your raving fans will receive regular reasons to return.
No more paying for advertising that usually doesn't work!

We built the DINR Marketing System to give our partner restaurants the same kind of marketing clout that the big chains and franchises use every day. Get Started with your Marketing Status Report today.

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"Lunches were very slow. Using DINR's Kickstart plan, we increased the number of guests by 27% within the first month. Very satisfied, will continue. "

nan avatar Su Halibut and Malt, Burlington

"Our delivery business booming, but the high percentages charged by the delivery companies were making us question whether to cancel them. DINR helped us turn delivery customers into dine-in customers and recover the lost margin."

nan avatar Nan Chef and Owner, Nan's Steak Frites

Next Steps

Ready to fill your seats?

Let's have a quick discussion to hear about the awesome business you've built, see if the problems we solve are the problems you have.

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Need New Customers?

The plain truth: The DINR system works best for established restaurants with existing clientele. But if your restaurant needs a stronger solution, we've got you covered there too.

Miracula Marketing began as a hospitality-focused marketing company, and while we've mostly shifted our business to the DINR system, we can still help you bring more first-time customers through the door, too.

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